TelexFree – Get Paid To Advertise Opportunity

get paid to advertise VOIP In the business world, the visibility of a company’s products and services is increased through advertising. Telexfree, a        fortune 500 company has come up with a program that allows individuals to get paid to advertise from the comforts of  home. This program is a win-win situation for Telexfree as well the people they employ.

Advertising is a method of communication in selling. Its purpose is to convince and influence a specific group of  consumers to purchase the goods and services presented. This scheme is a critical tool to ensure sales and consumer  response. With Telexfree’s system an individual could earn an unlimited amount of cash depending on how many ads they  choose to post daily.

 How Can Someone Get Paid To Advertise

There are a variety of ways to earn while promoting numerous products. The main product that is being promoted at this  moment is TelexFree telecommunication software. This software allows calling to over 40 countries across the world for a flat fee of $49.90 monthly.
A person who decides to join the “get paid to advertise” program would receive 90% of that monthly fee for every software they sell. Furthermore they would have an opportunity to make even more money by inviting others. But this is not a program that relies on recruitment, whether an advertiser recruits or not he or she will still get paid weekly for promoting the products.

The Cost To Qualify For The Get Paid To Advertise Program

TelexFree also gives individuals the chance to earn through the availability of its Ad Central Pack at $299.00 and the Ad Central Family Package at $1375.00. These plans grant a member the opportunity to advertise the company’s products and get paid for sales resulting from his promotions. An initial investment of a reasonable amount can lead to multiple income-generating sources for the member.

Members who join at the Ad Central level will get paid $20 dollars a week to post 1 ad per day. The Ad Central Family Package pays $100 dollars a week to post 5 ads daily. TelexFree has an EZ Post website that aids members in posting their ads. With Ezpost.net, one or 5 ads can be posted in about 3 minutes Max. Basically if you do nothing else but post ads daily, your $299 investment will bring you $1,040 annually. If you start with the Ad Central Family, your annual income will be $5,200. There is no limits to how many Ad Central or Ad Central Family you can purchase.

How Can TelexFree Charge So Little?

The telecommunication voice-over internet product or VoIP is the system and combination of machines and procedures for the transmittance of voice messages and audiovisual software through the internet. This is a substitute to the usual landline-based call schemes through which calls are sent as digital data to recipient computers. Since application is cost-effective, TelexFree can afford to offer this long distance product at the cheapest price possible.

What Is TelexFree

TelexFree, with its president and CEO, James Merrill, is an American multinational entity that has been in the business arena for thirteen years. It has been in the VOIP telecommunications business for eleven years. It also has ventures in over forty countries including Brazil and Canada.
Being in the VoIP business, TelexFree has created a fusion between electronic communications and the art of advertising. The utilization of voice over internet protocol enables the firm to offer long distance call services to limitless landlines and mobile phones. For the affordable fee of only $49.90 every thirty days, an individual can make boundless calls both locally and to over forty countries abroad.

Through the technological collaboration of the internet and TelexFree services, the ability to increase revenues is reciprocal to both the company and to those who avail of its amenities and facilities. The favorable condition of being able to get paid to advertise is indeed a welcome reward. If you have done the math and understand the magnitude of this opportunity, visit get paid to advertise to get started today.